Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maizy turns 3!

It was Maizy's birthday yesterday and we had a nice day celebrating her special day!  Maizy chose baked homemade mac and cheese with chicken for her birthday dinner and I made her a nice little cake for dessert.  We had Aaron and Heather and their kids and then Bill, Julie and Zac Heslip join us for dinner and cake and ice cream.  Unfortunately, Mike is still out of town for work, so he wasn't able to be there in person, but we Skyped with him while we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.  (Sorry Mike, we did eat the ice cream you bought last time you were home and never got a chance to eat....how cruel are we?)  Anyway, it was a nice night and I think Maizy had a good birthday overall.  Now I'm just wondering if this means we are officially out of the "terrible twos"....I hope so!

Miles Bean!

So our good friends, the Walkers, have given their son Sammy the nickname "Bean" since he was, well,  still in the womb and about the size of a bean.  I think it came about when they told us they were pregnant and said they were going to "spill the beans" (or bean, I guess).  Anyway, the nickname stuck and I think it's adorable and so is he!  I'm not about to steal the nickname, but I do have an interesting reason to start calling my son "Miles Bean".  

Last Monday, as the sun was streaming in through our back windows, I noticed something in Miles' ear.  I grabbed a q-tip and attempted to get it out which pretty much caused Miles some serious pain.  So I called his doctor to see if I could get him to take a look at it.  Miles has always had issues with wax in his ears, so I just assumed that's what it was and figured it must be impacted or have caused an ear infection.  It did look rather smooth though and was harder than I thought wax should be, but still I thought it was wax and assumed he was smart enough not to stick anything in there!  Wrong!  We couldn't get into the doctor until Wednesday morning and when we finally got in, the doctor took a look at his ears and said there was some wax and they'd irrigate it out.  So the nurse comes it and luckily Miles cooperates with no problem.  As she's squirting the water in his ear, out pops out a little bean shaped thing and I say, "Well there's that bean looking thing I was talking about." And the nurse says, "Yeah, that's definitely not wax.  I'll have to take a look at that."  She steps out of the room and then what do you know?  Miles decides to fess up.  (Believe me, we had asked him about a million times if he had stuck anything in there and of course his response was "No")  He did stick a bean in his ear after all!  What a little stinker!  Apparently, they made little shakers at preschool on the day they learned about music and mardi gras.  And while he was at school he decided that would be a fun thing to do.....I couldn't believe it.  I know he wasn't the first kid to stick something in his ear and won't be the last, but it's still one of those things that I just have a hard time understanding.  I'm hoping he learned his lesson and that this isn't the beginning of a string of curious mishaps.