Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm not meant to be a single mom

I'm in the middle of making dinner and just thinking about how grateful I am to have Mike home tonight.  This is the first weeknight that he's been home since January 8th so it's been a while since I've had some relief at the end of the day.  He was home thru the weekend and will head back to SD on Wednesday night.  I'll be heading to Wisconsin to visit my family and then he'll catch up with us there over the weekend.  Anyway, I was thinking about how you adapt so easily to changes in life.  Like, for instance, Mike leaving for work in the morning....when he kissed me and said good-bye this morning, it freaked me out for a second (I was in a deep sleep so that could have had something to do with it).  And then when he walked through the door this afternoon, it took me a second to realize that he was actually home.  The kids were really excited to see him home after work.  I think they figured if he was at work, then that must mean South Dakota.  I've realized over the past few weeks that I'm really not meant to be a single mom and I know why Heavenly Father designed marriage like he did.  I seriously don't know how single moms do it....I would be even crazier than I am!

I also had the opportunity to get away for the weekend with my wonderful sister-in-laws. Nina, Heather, Kate, Dana and I got together Friday night until Sunday to scrapbook and hang out.  We had such a great time together!  I'm so lucky to have a wonderful sister-in-laws!  It was so nice to have a completely stress-free kid-free weekend and to have the chance to just talk about our kids and husbands and life.  We are all married to brothers so we all understand what it's like to be married to an Aeschliman and we can all offer up advice or just vent our frustrations.  I love it!  Sometimes there can be drama with a big family, but fortunately, we have lucked out and all of us sister-in-laws get along great for the most part!  I'm looking forward to the next time we can all hang out! 


  1. I'm with ya on that one...I don't know how in the heck single moms do it. I've thought about that before and think I would die in that situation:) Isn't it amazing how rejuvinating it is just to hang out with girlfriends:)? Always lifts my spirit as well...

  2. That is hard having your husband gone so much. Let me know if you ever need any help. I'm glad to hear you are still hanging in there after last week. Thats great that you will be able to spend some time with your family this weekend. Thank heavens for family support.